Welcome to Fred & Entendance Beach, just for Inquiring & Uncolonized Minds! In a world drowning in debt, you don't want to be a creditor. Gold and silver are your assets.
The 2007-2009 crisis was never solved but only deferred to a later date. All the problems that caused that crisis are still there.
Gold is just beginning, gold is REAL money. The next decade for gold is going to be explosive with all this unprecedented debt!
You have a fiat monetary system which means that you can print whatever amount of money you want – and that’s what central banksters do.
Fiat currency: a currency which is not physically backed! When adopting a gold-backed currency, the one who moves first has a massive advantage over the others!
The world’s major central banks continue to debase the purchasing power of their Fiat currencies –by orchestrating consumer and/or asset price inflation...
Banksters don't even have the guts to call it printing money out of thin air instead they hide behind the term 'quantitative easing' QE has been a massive deceit & a huge factor in driving inequality!
In a time where money printing seems endless, remember - central banksters cannot reproduce gold/silver as they do with fiat currencies.
A global currency war is occurring. Countries race to debase their currencies against each other. Currency devaluation is the number one reason to own precious metals.
China and its partners could announce a new gold standard in a way that they no longer accept payments in other than physical gold or gold-backed currencies.
Every gram of gold or silver you acquire using fiat currency effectively removes that many “dollars” from the current financial and economic system.
*Inquiring Minds Only: "Under opacity, incomplete information, and partial understanding, much of what we don't understand is labeled "irrational"."
Fred & EntendanceInvestors Beach: He who has the Gold makes the rules. Physical Gold & Silver: Avoid the rush – keep strong and keep stacking. Own physical gold and silver outside a bank!
Gold has been money for 5,000 years. Gold is the only money that has survived in history. In every major crisis, gold has been used as money.
Physical Gold isn't debt, equity or any other financial promise. It doesn't rely on anyone else's survival to exist. It can't be destroyed any more than it can be created at will.
Physical Gold is for all seasons, protecting its owners against inflation disinflation deflation or hyperinflation. Protect against unprecedented debt levels, bank bail-ins, derivative implosion.
Physical Gold is instant liquidity. Gold has served as money/barter in every period of distress in history. Gold and silver are direct enemies of fiat dollars or fiat anything.
Physical Gold is scarce and cannot be manufactured or printed Gold is eternal All the gold ever produced still exists! Fiat means money issued by government not backed by anything as opposed to gold!
Gold is scarce. It’s independent. It’s not anybody’s obligation. It’s not anybody’s liability. It’s not drawn on anybody. Gold & Silver are still widely under-owned despite enormous asset bubbles!
Kings, governments, dictators, financiers, mathematicians and many other powers have tried to dethrone gold for thousands of years. They all lost.
Not your vault, not your gold. You better own precious metals directly, with no counterparty risk: they are not exposed to any creditor obligations.
Store Gold/Silver outside the banking system! Only own your precious metals in safe vaults. Facilitated "outside" of the banking system NO DEPENDENCE on the functioning of stock exchanges or banks.
Until the monetary fog lifts and un-rigged navigational markers re-emerge, physical gold remains the only hard reference point capable of providing an essential back up plan for one's nest egg.
The Gold price is the paper price, a mechanism to make physical available at a huge discount. There's 100:1 + leverage, that's over 100 notional claims for every ounce of physical.
Paper gold has no ties to real, physical gold. But given that all paper currencies over time have ALWAYS found their true intrinsic value of 0...
Wealth preservation investors are not concerned with short term price movements & instead hold physical Gold/Silver as insurance against counterparty risk which is greater than any time in history.
Protect against unprecedented debt levels, bank bail-ins, government confiscation, derivatives implosion, central planning. Why on earth would anyone want to have savings in fiat currency?
Fred & EntendanceInvestors Beach Mantra: Back To The Gold Standard!" There is No Escaping History: Fiat Currency Eventually Fails. Gold is money, gold is insurance and gold is financial survival!
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